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Infusion services
We deliver infusion services in a peaceful, relaxed setting. Registered nurses, specially trained in infusion therapy, administer chemotherapy and closely monitor patients during each therapy session.

Equipped with technologically advanced equipment designed to help patient care, we offer diagnostic imaging services ranging from standard X-rays to CT and MRI:

  • We have a Multislice CT system with the ability to acquire up to four spiral slices simultaneously.
  • Affiliates would have access to GE 1.5 Tesla large bore MRI machine with great image quality and higher resolution.

Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy services are a key component of cancer care and a capital intensive service line. We provide access to services including HDR and LDR Brachytherapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery, External Beam Radiation (EBRT), Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), Image-Guided Motion Management (IGRT) and 3-D, IMRT and Stereotactic Treatment Planning.

We have established outpatient retail pharmacy services for convenience of our patients. In addition to prescription drugs, we stock a variety of OTC medications.

We provide accurate and timely diagnostic testing onsite for our patients. Trained laboratory staff helps facilitate diagnosis, monitor responses to therapy and help determine effective treatment for patients.

We take pride in our efforts to advance the delivery of next generation cancer care. Our dedication to research is a critical component of our mission and overall philosophy. We participate in phase II and III clinical trials.

IT services
Information systems are a key enabler for next generation patient care. Identifying and installing new systems is crucial for better communication and enhanced patient safety. An integrated platform provides information sharing within the organization and with business partners. NexGen can assist you with selecting and implementing

  • EMRs
  • Practice management systems
  • Communications platforms
  • Networks

Management services
To help you deliver great patient care we focus on your specific needs to help identify problems and offer potential solutions. We understand how people, processes and technology intersect to achieve high quality patient care at lower costs. We can help you with:

  • Credentialing
  • Contracting
  • Management consulting services including clinical operations management, drug management, review of revenue cycle including charge capture processes and comprehensive practice analysis.
  • Marketing: NexGen Oncology can assist you in your marketing efforts through:
    • Co-branding as a NexGen affiliate
    • Enhancing your patient base through creation of a referral network of various specialties.
    • Networking opportunities via seminars and conferences.